Jay Shirley

Striving to be a man of gallantry and taste

Technology and Code

Technical notes I make for myself. This is my own collection of technical writings, organized in no such manner. The goal is that I write about things as I understand them. I hope they’re useful to others.


Misc. Development

YUI3 Gallery Modules

I have effectively stopped all YUI module development. I believe YUI is a great library with smart people, but the gallery is far too cumbersome to contribute to and the overhead isn’t worth the effort. If you’d like to take over any of my modules, please feel free!

  • Radial Progress – I needed a way to represent time running out, but couldn’t find one. Suddenly: Radial Progress!
  • Markdown – Like Markdown? I hope you do. Now get one of the best Markdown JS libs hosted and wrapped for YUI goodness!
  • Dynamic Dialogs – Easy dialogs that are markup driven that handle remote content, asynchronous form submission. Pretty much everything you would want a dialog to do!