Jay Shirley

Striving to be a man of gallantry and taste

About Jay

First and foremost, I grow software. I enjoy the products I build, and try to build products that make the world a better place on a small scale. I want to help people, and myself, maximize their capabilities and experiences in life. I build products to support this.

I try to spend as much time thinking, reading and studying the process of people significantly better than I am. If I can explore and discover ideas from others, combine them then I can create useful products.

I love many things, but few things are more satisfying than studying and perfecting my craft through small software projects. This includes reading as many behavioral economics and social psychology books that I can find.

I am not for hire for development work, but can (and do) provide advisory services (software team management, team structure and product development). If this is for a profitable organization, there is a fee involved.