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Three Biggest Questions

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For December, I am declaring one highest goal, one purpose.

We all seek higher purpose; but how many strive to define it in very specific terms? I know I failed at doing this, and feel compelled to at least try. This is a beacon to move towards, something that all my goals will connect to. This is a hard decision to make. I found it too easy to sidestep, I caught myself making useless, vague statements. I will share happiness!. On the other hand is a slippery slope bringing myself into a delusional state: I will solve world hunger!

This difficulty needs to be managed, and I resorted to my previous technique of starting with good questions. I’ve spent countless hours not trying to answer anything, just definingy exactly what questions I need to answer. I have finally settled on the following:

What do I devote my life focus on now?

Why is this the most important thing now?

How will I accomplish this, and how do I measure progress?

As I thought about these questions and my experiences in life a few answers began to form, but they’re young. I definitely want to leverage the results of my November challenge; I wrote a small (currently unedited) book about how social science can help companies operate more effectively.

I need to remember nothing I decide now is permanent. However, it requires real effort to commit and that commitment must be real. This is why it is critical to be able to assess progress, then I can knowingly change course.

I’m excited at the answers that are forming, and am most eager to start working on the How.