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Introducing Premortems

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I recently came across a really great project management technique called Premortems, which leverages a concept called “Prospective Hindsight”. That, in turn, benefits from the “Sealed-Fate Effect”. What really surprised me was that I had never heard of this, never seen it in use, and that it was a very, very good idea.

At that point, I did what any geek would do. I took it upon myself to build an application to manage Premortems. Except I did it in 3 days. Why 3 days? Well, holiday and then Saturday and Sunday. This doesn’t mean it’s low quality. I’m already using this for my projects; including a vacation. I’m using it because I want to succeed, and I hope it helps you, too.

It’s completely free to create a Premortem board, but if you want to share the board or collaborate it’s a $5 one-time fee. This keeps it low cost, lets people benefit and offsets my hosting (and hopefully development costs).

While it only took 3 days to build the initial product, it’s based off years of practice rapidly developing products. I’m also hoping to continue working on it.

A closing personal note

I really want this to get some traction and help people be more successful in their projects. Because of this, I’m going to ask that people share this more than I ever have before. This is really important to me.

A year ago I quit my comfortable job and wanted to start working on projects I’m very passionate about. This is just one of those efforts, and TDP is the other.

If you find this interesting at all please share this. Tell people who are running projects of any kinds. Even not obvious things like Meetings, Vacations, and whatever else I haven’t thought of.