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I haven’t been writing lately and I really have been missing it. I also haven’t been working on TDP as much as I would like. I have not been idle though!

Towards the end November of 2012, I flew out to New York to meet up with the guys at Cojourneo. They were looking into the future and figuring out the ever important what’s next question.

My experience in building TDP and studying the methodology of small, consistent steps to achieve great things struck a chord with them. We really hit it off, they have a great team and together we came up with a vision that will create real, lasting improvements.

Long story short, I’m now their CTO. This is against my own previous statements, as I was opposed to the idea of a startup. I don’t like the required grind, and have a special distaste of pleasing some investor who is detached from the real mission.

In Cojourneo, I’ve found something different. Jerry Colonna is that something different. As an investor, he has demonstrated his involvement is not about the return. My desire to create a sustainable, growing business that focuses on helping people achieve more is shared by everybody there. Including, or I should say especially with the investors. Also, Jerry is an amazing person.

Now I’m officially at a startup. I didn’t expect to be here, and over the last 3 months we’ve already accomplished some really great things together. I feel excited and anxious to see what the future delivers.

Where does this leave TDP?

TDP isn’t changing. It’s still my beloved project. I still pay the hosting and am free to work on it. It was a condition of joining Cojourneo!

Granted, I have less time to work on it but I think things will ultimately be mutually beneficial. Ideally, I’ll be able to power a lot of Cojourneo’s new product with many of the same features that go into TDP.

Up next…

Now that things have solidified more with Cojourneo I have resumed my normal, externally productive life. I’ll be writing more (I have a lot to talk about), working more on TDP, and hopefully learning lots of great new things I can share.

At the core, I’m a full believer in the Cojourneo methodology; I feel fortunate to be a part of it.