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Revisiting Mental Renewal

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I start last week with the goal to enhance my mental rejuvenation. I’m definitely making progress. Here’s a few things I learned:

  1. Pomodoro Technique removes my enjoyment. It increases my stress.
  2. Starting the day right is hugely important. Beginning each morning with a 10 minute quiet period is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s getting easier to ignore my email.
  3. Meditation doesn’t rejuvenate my mind. I wish it did. It does help with fatigue. It does make me feel happier. It doesn’t allow me to get more done (yet).
  4. As I get older, I believe in meditation more. Adding in more structured times for meditation has helped me simply feel better.
  5. I get very frustrated when I can’t find a good path forward.

This past week I was hoping to make more discoveries. While my new morning routine is wonderful, it doesn’t actually affect my goal. I want to find ways to renew my mind, and so far they’ve been in short supply.

Since I believe in deliberate practice, I must layout some further ideas to try next week. I do have success with physical activities, but my options are still limited.

  1. Draw more. I got a graphics tablet a few months back and I enjoy using it, but don’t set aside time. I’m going to set aside more time. Right now I’m struggling with the tool, which is blocking my ability to create.
  2. Take a nap. I feel silly I’ve never tried this before. I’m not a person who naps much. I don’t even sleep all that much. I sleep sufficiently. I’m going to try to nap to see how I feel after, if it helps my mind. This will be a struggle.
  3. Sit outside with a notepad. This is a stretch. The weather is fine, maybe a bit windy. I should just simply sit outside, maybe with a cup of coffee or tea. I’ll have my notebook to jot down any ideas. I’m not sure what to expect.

Those three ideas will keep me busy. Worst case, none of them work and I start new ideas next week. This isn’t something I would normally post, but this will compel me to think more deeply about the outcomes.