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Working on Something You Love.

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Anybody who knows me knows I work a lot. I hack a lot. I work on some product I think people need. Whether I’m on my own clock or someone else’s matters very little to me. I strive to help people.

Recently I’ve found a project I want. I want to use it. I want to work on it. This is the first time this has happened to me. It’s an amazing experience.

Normally when I get close enough to done, my motivation and interests wane. I lose the enthusiasm to get it over the last hill. The last 10% is always lacking. I solved the problem and moved on. It becomes uninteresting and I want to work on a new problem.

That’s always how I’ve looked at programming. Solving a set of problems; not building a real product.

Now things are different. The closer I get the more exciting the project is. The more motivated I get. The more ideas I have. The better the entire experience.

I feel strange. I’ve been doing this for so many years and just now I have what I may think is real passion for a project. I’ve been missing out.

I’m envious of people who find this passion for Open Source and other altruistic projects (such as research). However, I’m happy that now I’ve found something that really, truly excites me to work on.

I’ve always enjoyed what I do, but rarely through an entire project do I love the project. Now I get a new look. It’s a great one.

I’ll be releasing the app to the public after I thoroughly dogfood it. I don’t expect it to apppeal to the masses, but it appeals to me. Hopefully it can help other people as it has helped me.