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This maybe started for the wrong reasons. I’m not doing it for myself. I’m doing it because James Altucher told me to. I don’t have a reason to not, and I’ve generally lived my life with the philosophy that if I don’t have a reason to say no, I say yes.

So I am writing because he told me to. It took me a while to figure out what to write about. What am I passionate about? This took me days to answer. I thought about things that were pretty common. I’m passionate about building software. I’m passionate about my family.

Then I was reading something else that James Altucher wrote and it clicked. It’s not about being an entrepreneur in business. It’s about being an entrepreneur in life. Improving on all aspects of my life. This is what I’m passionate about.

I know it sounds silly. I am pretty sure every person out there wants their life to be better. This is why the lottery is so big. That’s different though. I want to make my life better. I want to work on new and innovative ways to make my life better.

A lot of the personal stories I write will likely never be published. Maybe they will, who knows. As I write this, I have a backlog of 30 posts to work with. Some won’t be published but I hope most will. Most of them focus on the topics that I’m dealing with now that make me feel not at 100%. They are related to business and how I view it. How I get stuff done and how I deal with things. More importantly, how I think they should be dealt with. In most cases I’m happy to be wrong, but these are my opinions that I’m writing for myself.

The purpose is to help me be clear. One of my tenets is that I do not understand something if I cannot explain it to someone. Often times I explain it to myself. That leaves a lot to be desired. In writing these articles I am still explaining it to myself, but I hope to gain outside feedback and perspective. Even if people disagree with me (and they will, it is the Internet after all) I hope they can be constructive and help me either clarify my thoughts or even change my opinions.

That is what I hope to gain. To be better equipped to think about what it is that I think. If it turns out I fail and don’t improve my ability to think, focus and explain I’ll be disappointed but so far I’m glad I’ve started this project. Writing nearly every day has been a fantastic exercise and has turned into more of an addiction than I ever thought.

I am writing this for me, for my benefit, and I welcome any participation that comes. If none comes, it still will be beneficial as it helps me improve me.

That is what my life is about, and I take it seriously.

I owe a great deal of thanks to James Altucher, also. He’s probably the first time I’ve looked up to someone who I didn’t know personally. I know normal kids wear sports jerseys of their favorite athletes or have posters of actors. Normal fans. I was never a fan of anybody, except perhaps for MacGuyver. I don’t mean Richard Dean Anderson, I didn’t care about him. MacGuyver. The MacGuyver. I was his fan but he wasn’t real. James is, as far as I know, a very real person who has written very real words that inspire and challenge me.